Professor Ann John and her team of researchers within the Medical School are exploring young people's mental health, as well as suicide and self-harm prevention

Professor Ann John and her team of researchers within the Medical School are exploring young people’s mental health, as well as suicide and self-harm prevention.

We spoke to Ann about her research: “My career path from GP to suicide prevention research wasn’t planned. Certain patients are almost imprinted in my memory, whether their distress was immediately obvious or revealed itself later. These individuals played a huge part in my journey.

“Suicide is not inevitable. We need to take comprehensive action to mitigate risks early from financial safety nets to frontline services – addressing social isolation, mental health care, domestic violence and socio-economic conditions.

“It feels like we can make a difference - in a very different but equally important way - as my days in direct clinical care.”

By supporting this important medical research, you can help us save lives for years to come.

Mental health issues are on the rise among young people

After living through a pandemic, our students are now faced with the Cost-Of-Living crisis. In these uncertain times, it’s more challenging than ever to adapt to life at university and the challenges it brings. Our Wellbeing service provides excellent support to our students, but we are always striving to do more.

We all know exercise is good for our physical and mental health. Students who seek mental health support from our Wellbeing teams often find it difficult to maintain healthy lifestyles or cannot afford gym fees or exercise classes on top of the rising cost of living.

That’s why we want to provide funded, supported exercise to boost our students’ wellbeing. You can help us make exercise more accessible, ensure gym staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid and give vulnerable students a safe physical activity space.

Supporting our students’ wellbeing will give them the best possible start for their future careers.

The nursing profession is in crisis

There’s a shortage of staff and many nurses feel that patient safety is at risk*.

Our nursing students juggle their own anxieties with those of their patients. The Student Nursing Hub will provide a safe space for student nurses to recognise symptoms of their own mental health, find support and develop coping mechanisms, creating a more resilient NHS workforce.

The Hub will give students an opportunity to

discuss their experiences with fellow nursing students, healthcare professionals, and alumni nurses who have been in their shoes.

The skills our nursing students gain from their studies, and the support they get from the Hub will ensure that you and your relatives get the best care possible, from labour wards to care homes and everywhere in between.

*The UK nursing crisis – 2021 and beyond | Nursing Times